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A Public Service Announcement: Brain Farts Can be Prevented

Everyone makes mistakes, and researchers are discovering that your subconscious brain may see these 'farts' coming a mile away! As our ever diligent world of technology seeks better ways to improve the human condition, scientists are developing anti-brain fart hats to prevent mistakes before they happen.

We've all goofed up and flubbed up things we've previously done time and again.

It turns out the root of these brain farts may be a special kind of abnormal brain activity that begins up to 30 seconds before a mistake even happens.

The solution to such screw-ups could be a kind of mind-reading hat, a device to predict and even prevent mindless errors that can threaten lives.

Now, if only they could develop anti-liberal hats to prevent mindless voting...



#1 captainfish 23-Apr-2008
Problem is. Truly turning from liberalism requires an increase in intelligence as well. As can be seen from the pic, the guy obviously forgot where to put the batteries in.

Thus, liberalism is a self-defeating behavior.

btw, if the brain knows that a brain-fart is coming, then how come it can't stop it? If th brain knows about the absence of information, but then also has that information sitting right next to it, then how can it know it is coming 30 seconds ahead when even you haven't even been asked a question yet?

You can be asked 2 questions in 30 seconds but yet they say they can detect the answer to a question 30 seconds before you decide to answer??????
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