The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Don't Be Afraid

"Yes, Ma'am. You push the RED button. Yes, that does turn it on. No, I think you should do it yourself. Yes, I know it makes noise when the button is pushed. Uh huh, that is right. That IS the power button. No, I don't think it works just the same without power. Well, sure. I guess. But, this does work MUCH better when it is on.

Yes. Yes, I know it is difficult to follow along, but Ma'am, that is what you are supposed to do on these things. I know. I know it is really hard and it makes you sweat, but, you don't want to scare your kids when you see them next year, do you??

( i chose rage boy tag as there was no rage slut sightings tag )

  #Rage Boy Sightings

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