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"They Hit Us Back First!"

It seems Hamas, and the U.N., are a bit upset Israel had the audacity to retaliate to an attack which killed several IDF troops.

Hamas is now vowing revenge. Again.

Gaza City, 17 April (AKI) - The Islamist Palestinian group, Hamas, has vowed to avenge the deaths of 20 Palestinians, including five children, killed during clashes with Israeli troops in the past two days.

According to the Arab network, Al-Jazeera, Hamas issued the warning on Thursday as thousands of people gathered in the Gaza Strip for the funeral of a cameraman killed as he covered the Israeli raids.


The United Nations condemned the Israeli raids that also killed two leaders from the Islamic Jihad's armed wing the al-Quds Brigades.

The Israeli raids took place after three Israeli soldiers were killed on Wednesday in a clash with Palestinian militants.

Seriously, if you Israelis would just roll over and die, the muslims would be happy and leave the rest of the world alone.

At least that's what they say.



#1 Eric W 20-Apr-2008
You'd think that a basic knowledge of WWII history would be required to join the UN but apparently not. Somebody needs to send a few copies of Neville Chamberlain's biography to these geniuses.
#2 Seraphym 21-Apr-2008
Try this fun little exercise:

Copy and paste these lines of text into Google (separately, that is):

"United Nations condemns Israel"
"United Nations condemned Israel"

Lots of links, right?

Then try these:

"United Nations condemns Hamas"
"United Nations condemned Hamas"

"United Nations condemns Fatah"
"United Nations condemned Fatah"

Enjoy the "No Results Found" hilarity.
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