The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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This Should Be Filed Under "Boo-Friggin-Hoo"

The final moments of a terrorist sympathizer who happened to have journalist credentials:

I don't know why everyone is complaining - he's getting his 373,248 virgins, isn't he?

UPDATE: I should have also linked to Brian's earlier post on this subject here and to Pat Dollard, who covered the "reporter's" last moments, here.



#1 Skul 20-Apr-2008
Doesn't matter how "ninja" you ain't gonna catch all those darts.
#2 cletus 20-Apr-2008
that was some straight pwnage right thurr
#3 wildiris 21-Apr-2008
Does anyone know the location in Gaza this took place? I've tried to look on Google-Earth to see if I can match the terain, buildings and roads you can see in the press photos to anything, but I haven't been succesful yet.

The shadows and their lengths indicate a time frame of late afternoon, with a SE/NW'ly road direction. But there seems to be no paved roads evident in mid-Gaza that fit this description.

This is starting to bug me.
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