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A Background in Conspiracyology

A handful of people on the liberal side of the blogosphere are in an uproar over the background of this photograph, taken of President Bush and Pope Benedict XVI by Ron Edwards/AP.

What the heck was going on? How did that Confederate flag get there? The South lost the Civil War and that flag is an egregious symbol for African Americans. Can anyone in the Bush administration explain this? No, it is not awesome, Dubya, it's insensitive and wrong.

Fortunately for Kaz, no explanation is necessary at all. If you look very carefully at the picture, you'll notice that the "Confederate" flag pictured has a field of blue below it (right underneath President Bush's hand), and that there's a small portion of red visible in the lower right-hand quarter.

Ring any bells?


Okay, here's another hint: The flag of Illinois Indiana [Ed.: Oof, that hurts the team! Thanks for the correction, Sean M.!] is right next to the Pope. Now, seeing that there's a State flag next to him, what do you suppose the odds are that the flag behind Mr. President is also a State flag.

I'd say the odds are darned good.

Alas, once again we have the pleasure of showing that the whole world is not a conspiracy.

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#1 Sean M. 21-Apr-2008
Um, I'm pretty sure that's Indiana's flag next to the Pope. Seeing as how it says "Indiana" on top, and all.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 21-Apr-2008
Hahahahah!!!! I can be [i]such[/i] a retard sometimes. Thanks for the correction, Sean! I'll get that fixed [i]pronto[/i].

#3 Sean M. 21-Apr-2008
No problem.
#4 captainfish 22-Apr-2008
you are do one every now and then.

besides, isn't dubya president of the 50 states? And, isn't he responsible for what flags states choose? Can't he tell states to change them if they are not pleasing to every single person in the world? It is his choice right? If he was really a great caring president he would have told that ignorant racist state that they should not promote hatred to a man who is clinging to his religion, as Barack says.
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