The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Windows 386 is on the Attack!

Remember our odd Windows Vista promo from last week? Looks like it's not the first time Microsoft has gone on the impossible mission:

Of course, to turn this into even more marketing gold, allow me to point out that everything will feel like an "impossible mission" under Windows Vista.

Oof. What a pun.

If you're time-constrained, be sure to skip forward to 2:37 for the best part. Big hat tip to Da Boyz for this hilarity.And yes, that was the legendary Bob Saget you saw there. Oof yet again! [Ed.:—Heh, or maybe it's just an amazingly close lookalike. Could be my bad there! :) ] Yup, that's not him. Curses, foiled again!


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