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United Nations Condemned Hamas?

Seraphym sent me this little note:

Try this fun little exercise:

Copy and paste these lines of text into Google (separately, that is):

"United Nations condemns Israel"
"United Nations condemned Israel"

Lots of links, right?

Then try these:

"United Nations condemns Hamas"
"United Nations condemned Hamas"

"United Nations condemns Fatah"
"United Nations condemned Fatah"

Enjoy the "No Results Found" hilarity.

So, I decided to try it by randomly selecting "United Nations condemned Hamas". You were wrong, Seraphym. My search resulted in many links. Just see for yourself:

Googling "United Nations condemned Hamas"

Of course, all the search results are the United Nations condemning the killing of Hamas members by Israeli forces... but why get nick picky? ;)

(BTW, for fun, I googled "United Nations condemned killing of Israeli", but there were no results.)

Thanks for the comment, Seraphym. It was an interesting, if not disturbing, experiment.

Update [Brian]: I've linkified all of those searches for faster reference. It's an interesting illustration, although I would point out in fairness that "United Nations condemns Palestinian" returns a significant number of results. Some of the results are laughable, but they are there. Just not in the terminology listed above.



#1 panikowsky 21-Apr-2008
He actually meant the phrases surrounded by quote marks
#2 captainfish 22-Apr-2008
what key is the quote marks? I dont have a key that says quote marks.
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