The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Peace & Love From Westboro Baptist

Just a reminder from everyone's favorite church of hate:

God hates America

God hates the World

God hates Ireland

God hates Canada

God hates Sweden

God hates Mexico

God hates Gays

God hates Tears

God hates the Military

God hates the Soldiers

God hates your Kids

God hates your Parents

God hates your Family

God hates your Dog

God hates Signs

God hates Flags

God hates Idols (American Idols?)

God bizarrely hates Hatemongers...

And I'm sure God hates SnappedShot

But most importantly,

God hates YOU!

God especially hates Chaser's War on Everything:



#1 Ron 21-Apr-2008
What a bunch of slackers. They missed Israel in their hate list!
#2 DMartyr 21-Apr-2008
You know, I looked for a 'God hates Israel" reference at WBC sites, but I didn't see anything. I guess they figure "God hates the World" covers it...
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