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Hamas Hudna

Hamas offers ten year truce to Israel:

Just hours after former President Jimmy Carter trumpeted Hamas' agreement to let Israel "live as a neighbor," the same terrorist leader he met with face-to-face vowed not to recognize the Jewish state.

But Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal did offer Israel a 10-year truce if it withdraws from all lands it seized in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Whenever his military was weak, Muhammad would also offer a truce to his enemies. He used the cease-fire to re-arm his Muslim warriors so they could later violate the truce, taking their enemy by surprise.

As states it:

What this is describing is that Muhammad claimed to have received a "revelation" from Allah telling him to break the various types of treaties he had with various tribes and people. Some were to be broken right away, a select few would be honored until their time was fulfilled, then the treaties’ provisions would no longer be honored and the guarantee of peace ended.

Muhammad lied again and justified his lie through Allah. After the "sacred months" ended the polytheists would be subject to attack as verse 9:5 commands. At this point in time Muhammad had gained enough strength that he could now make war upon people he once had a treaty of peace. So he broke the treaty and prepared to make war upon them.

In both these cases we see that it was Muhammad who lied and broke the treaties. Would you trust a man like this? If Muhammad is a truce breaker why would we trust those that follow in his footsteps? In Iraq we’ve seen Muqtada al-Sadr break several truces in Najaf. He will continue to break his word when he feels he can gain an advantage. His purpose is to test the strength of his enemies. When he calls a truce he regroups. He’ll be back. Likewise it will be with all other fundamentalist Muslims. They will lie and break their word when it suits them and sue for peace when they are losing.

Can Israel really trust Hamas to keep the truce?



#1 captainfish 22-Apr-2008
Yeah, and they are still attacking Israel with rockets and bombs.

Think I saw something just today (april 22) that a few more members of their crew screwed the pooch.
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