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Synchronized Swimmers Drown In Sync

Which is totally cool, if you ask me. They get a perfect 10 for dedication alone.

The swimmers, ages 11, 12 and 13, had been in the Kenmore pool about 15 minutes when they began having difficulty, head coach Julie Abel said.

"One of them was hanging on a rope and a coach saw her slip underwater," team president Craig Penner said. "The coach jumped in and pulled her out, then looked back and saw two other girls on the bottom of the pool."

All the girls survived the routine and seem to be doing well.

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#1 bullocks 22-Apr-2008
none of the rescuers here are actually trained for lifeguarding, meaning they are not qualified to perform in water rescues... has anyone looked in to that yet? ask northwest centers about it.... maybe they can tell you more... i bet you a dollar they can't!!!
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