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Hey! That's My School!

Theo Spark points to a very interesting counter-protest that just happens to take place on the common grounds of George Mason University.

I've hinted previously that Mason has a serious conservative streak, even though we have our own little problems on occasion—Here's yet another wonderful example of what I like to think of as the new counter-culture.

A rather eloquent way of saying, "I'm With Stupid —>"



#1 Rooster 22-Apr-2008
Sorry but I completely disagree with your horse shit of a comment about GMU having a "serious conservative streak". What the hell are you on that gives you that perspective? LOL! I've visited GMU dozens of times and have witnessed multicultural festivals, islamic protestors, anti-israel rhetoric, earth loves and tree huggers. Where is this "serious conservative streak" you speak about? The young Republicans club that meets every first wednesday of the month? LOL! You're seriously delusional.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 22-Apr-2008

You've done an excellent point of illustrating [i]why[/i] this is the new [i]counter[/i]-culture. Conservatives aren't a "majority" by any stretch of the imagination, but between events like this, the random chalk messages scrawled across campus, and all kinds of other ways, our presence [i]is[/i] being noticed. It's [i]definitely[/i] analogous to the way the original counter-culture advocates were a [i]tiny[/i] minority in our Universities back before 1960.

Hope this makes sense,

#3 Kevin 22-Apr-2008
So the guy in the blue shirt holding the sign has signed up for the military?
#4 Larry 22-Apr-2008
Maybe he has already served a tour or two, whats your point? Maybe he respects the military and plans to try for a commission. The one holding the sign was me 20 yrs ago before my commission and life experience. Confused, knew it all by 19, but really, as is most often true, dumb as a box of rocks, and protesting anything in the hopes of getting laid.
#5 Thomas the Vet 22-Apr-2008
Hey Kevin,

Please show me the line in the US constitution that requires military service before exercising your first amendment rights or any other right for that matter...........

I'll wait for your reply......
#6 Kevin 22-Apr-2008
Hey, that commenter should not be allowed to use my name! ;)

Seriously though, is this for real or is it a Photoshop?

Hilarious either way.
#7 captainfish 22-Apr-2008
I dont understand your post. What about the guy in blue's sign makes you ask if he had joined the military?

Or, are you saying that only people in the military are the ones who know how to identify people who are (w)ussies?

Is the other guy saying that the military ideals and attitudes reflect terrorism? In that aspect, he is saying HE is a terrorist since it is our military that allowed us to have the self-same ideals.

education is not a sure sign of intelligence.
#8 Moonbattery 23-Apr-2008
At George Mason University: Via Snapped Shot, on a tip from Burning Hot....
#9 Dan Quayle 23-Apr-2008
They BOTH look like big pussies to me.

Why am I always left the role of peacemaker?

Iraq = 52nd State = Free Oil
#10 Patriot Xeno 25-Apr-2008
I like how people like Kevin assume that anyone who doesn't agree with the anti-war crowd is a hypocrite if they aren't in the military. In other words, a person can either be IN the military, or against it. How foolish.
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