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The Curse of Faith

The latest from Pat Condell:

Update [Brian]: As a Christian, I couldn't disagree with this video more, and would like to point out that it does not represent the official position of Snapped Shot in the least.



#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 25-Apr-2008
Just for the record, as a Christian, I disagree with this video [i]wholeheartedly[/i]. I'm not going to remove it (as I said, I don't have any interest in "censoring" you, DM), but I'd appreciate if the anti-Christian videos not be posted here in the future.

After all, if it weren't for Christianity, the West wouldn't be even [i]remotely[/i] like it is today. Unless you'd prefer us to be ruled by mullah's that is.

#2 Rooster 25-Apr-2008
First, I'm not sure why anybody in their right mind pays even 2 seconds of attention to the drivel that is a video blog. Why on earth am I supposed to care about some nobody's opinion that happens to own a $15 webcam? Maybe I'm missing something here. I'm not sure how it's even the least bit worthwhile. I guess somebody like you DM has all the time in the world to sit there and listen to fucking idiots like this all day long. You lead a sad life, my friend. What a waste of time.
#3 captainfish 25-Apr-2008
Or, is DMartyr pointing out that insanity knows no bounds? From Muslims to fairly normal looking white guys, insanity and hatred of Christians is spreading.

As he sounds british, I am going to make an assumption.... His views, and similar ones held by Muslims, are one of the reasons for the fall of Europe and Britain. And this country is closely following suit.

You are right Rooster, why on earth would people be interested. But a much bigger quandary, why on earth would anyone MAKE these kinds of videos?

Scary stuff. Scary man.
#4 Rooster 25-Apr-2008
I think that maybe I'm just showing my age (31) or something because a lot of the new internet phenomenons are just not clicking with me. Video blogs, the myspace generation, the internet language, etc. I'm from the old school BBS 2400 baud days. Oh well. I think there's a lot that I don't "get", and I don't think I'm missing much either..
#5 Donkeyrock 25-Apr-2008
Ah, religion. Pat Condell speaks well, and I enjoy his videos and agree with his point of view.

I think that until humans don't need structure to understand the unknown, we'll always have systems that offer that structure to allay our fears.

And Rooster, Pat seems older than 31, so it's not age that prevents someone from effectively utilizing and "clicking with" newer technologies.
#6 Cletus 25-Apr-2008
I agree with Condell, although I hold no ill will towards Christians and have nothing against their faith or them openly practicing it.

Christians aren't the ones who want to kill me. We're in this together as far as I'm concerned.
#7 Rooster 25-Apr-2008
Hey Donkeydick.. go fuck your mother. How's that for utilizing a tool? LOL!
#8 Donkeyrock 25-Apr-2008
Aw, Rooster... you noticed my penis size. How sweet!
#9 Rooster 25-Apr-2008
I aim to please, faggot. ;)
#10 DMartyr 25-Apr-2008
My apologies, Brian.

I'm an Atheist. Though I have nothing against any specific religion (except islam), one cannot deny the negative impact religion has had in human history. Granted, it has had some very positive impacts, but dying in the name of someone else's religion is little consolation to the lives cut short.
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