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American* Girl

* Country of origin may vary.

Mrs. Snapped Shot has called and informed me that a recent order for an American Girl product has arrived. Don't go thinking that I've gone all batty or anything—allow me to point out that it's a birthday present for a certain little girl. It's not like I'm collecting them or anything.

("Yeah, that's the ticket!" Nervous laughter.)

So anyway, she had ordered this cute little item from their online store. Not a problem, right? Well, let's have a little look at what arrived:

Coconut's somewhat slow cousin, Dustmop!

I'm hoping that there are eyes under there somewhere, myself.

Now, if I've learned anything in life, it's that little girls are a very easily-amused demographic. I don't think we have to worry about li'l Dustmop here—She's definitely gonna be going to a loving home. It's just always an entertaining bit of fun whenever the real product has a bit of trouble stacking up to the marketing hype.

As an aside, the Mrs. also gleefully points out that the product, which I might remind you is a part of the American Girl line, is Made in China. Fortunately for all of us, that gives me the perfect excuse:




#1 DMartyr 25-Apr-2008
What the hell is it? What purpose does it serve?

(Bobblehead Mo is somewhat disturbed by it.)
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