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Esteemed Liberals: Right All Along?

Psst! Any liberals out there happen to be reading this feed?

If so, you might be interested to note that I've found concrete proof that there's an extremist religious movement out there that's a genuine threat to the world!

What can I say? Y'all were right all along!

(The big reveal is beyond the fold.)

Hmmm... that's funny. That doesn't look like Pat Robertson.

Interesting, that. Pat Robertson doesn't exactly have a standing army last time I checked, either. Nor is he, to my knowledge, seeking to build thermonuclear weapons.

But hey, why don't you just keep on telling us that conservative Christians are the most dangerous threat facing the world today. After all, we're all threatening and stuff, what with our peaceful assembly and law-following.

(Where's my "roll eyes" button when I need it?)

You can see more photos of Iran's religious-military parade over here (Warning: Iranian websites may contain malware that will adversely affect your Windows computer. Browse at your own risk, or with an Apple.)



#1 captainfish 01-May-2008
why isnt that guy saluting? SHOOT HIM. HE INSULTS ISLAM
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