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Naqba Coming Soon: Those Dastardly Zionists

Looks like we're ramping up for yet another Nakba, a pseudo-festival that essentially boils down to another tireless excuse for Muslims to come out and hate Israel some more. In preparations for this year's festivities, which will happen on the 15th of May, we can see the Palestinians are already putting on one heck of a play.

Palestinians take part in a play in commemoration of Nakba Day "The Day of Catastrophe" during a rally in Gaza May 1, 2008. Palestinians will mark Nakba on May 15 as a day of mourning for the establishment of Israel after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war which led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem (GAZA)

Seriously, I'm not sure what I find funnier about this picture—The fact that they use midgets to represent the IDF, or the fact that there is almost nobody watching (at least, judging by the background).



#1 Aussie Dave 01-May-2008
Technically speaking, he's a dwarf :)
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 01-May-2008

I can be [i]so[/i] insensitive sometimes!

Seriously, though: Considering that he's participating in a play depicting Israel as some bizarre genocidal country, I have no qualms whatsoever about referring to him [i]in particular[/i] as a "midget."


Regards, and thanks for pointing out my slight [i]faux pas[/i],
#3 RobCon 01-May-2008
"We represent the Jihadi guild, Jihadi guild, Jihadi guild".
#4 Seraphym 01-May-2008
Considering that there were nearly twice as many Jews kicked out of the surrounding Arab countries in 1948 and 1967, what are the non-Jordanian-Non-Lebanese-Non-Egyptian Arabs of the East Mediterranean complaining about?

Oh yeah, they completely frakked up their own civilization with heavy doses of the dark-age hatred ingrained in the Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah... but can't bear to point their fingers at themselves or their Arab neighbors. My mistake.
#5 DMartyr 01-May-2008
What are the odds of Reuters covering an anti-terrorism festival? Are we still allowed to say that, or am I offending some jihadist somewhere by even suggesting such a thing?
#6 david livshiz 01-May-2008
I hope they get nuked.

PS I hate left-wing cry babies
#7 kobi 01-May-2008
funny, whilst he's participating in an islamic nationalist hatefest, i can't help feeling sorry for the little guy, being exploited by his people. poor little hamasnik oompa loompa.
#8 Mr Z 01-May-2008
Palestinians are a sub - human species that deserve total annihilation. None of the other Arab nations want them so they have become Israel's problem. Israel should roll over them in tanks and bomb them into the ground. Then plow their bodies into the land and plant farmland. That's the only way anyone will get any use out of those uneducated and ignorant animals.

PS. Peace
#9 daniel 02-May-2008
Perhaps they're trying to say that Israel is really small ??
#10 DMartyr 02-May-2008
Is that a man in the hajib?

The [strike]midget[/strike] dwarf should be thankful muhammad never mentioned a dislike for little people, otherwise, this display would have ended with his execution...
#11 Cletus 02-May-2008
dwarf, midget, little person.. screw that. The Palestinians are all mental midgets, regardless of their physical height
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