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When Good Times Go Bad

When a school-sponsored Spring Break trip for the choir turns in to expulsion, you know something has gone wrong. But yet, reading the article, one finds out that it was not the students who did anything wrong.

Two students attending Eagan and Apple Valley high schools were expelled last week after buying souvenir swords during a spring break choir trip in the United Kingdom.

A chaperone found the duct-taped boxes that held the swords after the students left the store. The swords were confiscated on the trip and never made it to Minnesota. The students flew home several days early, and the district disciplined the students when they returned.

So, these kids were part of a school-organized event to fly over to Britain. While there, they bought some souvenir swords. The swords were boxed up and prepped for the return flight back home. But, a overly-pretentious school-marm felt that it was just not a safe environment for the school. !?!?!?! Am I missing something? How in the world can buying souvenir swords in Britain possibly inflict harm on the school in Minnesota?

The person who expelled these students tried to defend his actions thusly...
Charlie Kyte, executive director of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, went through a similar situation when he was superintendent in Northfield, Minn.

"Schools are in a real Catch-22," he said.

A popular student once brought a toy gun to the high school, and Kyte had to expel him.

"Had I let him off the hook, the signal would've gone to students that we didn't care about the policy," Kyte said.

A fourth-grader from an Asian immigrant family once brought a big knife, without his parents knowing, for a show-and-tell activity at school because the knife was important in the family, Kyte said.

It is always black and white with these people. If you allow one kid who made a mistake to slip by, then the next kid will bring a thermonuclear bomb to school. These people have no compassion. They have no sense of realism or justice. And these people are in our education system? No wonder the kids of today have no idea of self, country, justice or right and wrong.



#1 DMartyr 29-Apr-2008
Just like the children of soldiers being disciplined for drawing pictures of their fathers holding a gun. It is absolutely ridiculous.

I worry about what will become of our future generation. We are conditioning children to reject self-defence and fear weapons. Jihadists are teaching their children to use weapons and to quest for bloodshed. What will happen when these generations meet on the battle field? Our will be too 'sensitive' to cause harm, while the enemy will gleefully slaughter ours.

Makes you wonder if our children are not being sacrificed for future "peace."
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