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Alaska The Next Kosovo?

The USA is stealing Alaskan oil, and the Eskimos are getting pretty angry about it...

There are many potential Kosovos in the international community – a great number of these within the United States of America itself, where the Lakota people claim their right to a huge swathe of territory across the north of the country, the peoples of Aztlan in the south proclaim their right to independence and today, the Alaska Independence Movement...

It seems we've been misled by our government. We are not the peace-loving, freedom fighters like those who have so successfully achieved independence and freedom in places like Africa, Asia, and South America. We, here in North America, continue to repress citizens and strip them of their rights:

While the colonies in South America, Asia and Africa attained their freedom, people and tribes in North America are still struggling for Independence. But times are changing and people who had suffered the injustice by the North American colonial masters are making their voice heard. Considering the past American history we do not expect a quick and easy solution coming from Washington DC, and this is why we are prepared to use non-violent means to achieve our goals - to request an International Inquiry as to the illegal “statehood vote” of August 26, 1958 and a free vote for Alaskans to determine their own future.

In other news, Russia is planning to plant flowers on the moon to add some colour to an otherwise drab orb.


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