The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Where Do You Get Your Office Supplies?

"A cow unexpectedly barged into the open doors of an office supplies shop in the town of Pionersky, in Russia's Kaliningrad enclave. A bull followed the cow and entered the shop too. Several seconds later the bull mounted the cow and the animals started making love right in front of the eyes of the flabbergasted salesgirl. The animals were passionate: several counter displays were crushed in the act of love," an eyewitness said. The woman ran out of the shop and even forgot to push the emergency button underneath the counter. Passers-by and security guards could not stop the animals from completing the reproduction process, Interfax reports. When they pushed the animals out of the shop, eight counters were found in ruins.

This post gives me the chance to use these:

(Some are courtesy KFI-AM Morning Crew)

Mad Cow: Moo! MOO! Damn it! MOO!

Sad Cow: Moo-hoo-hoo...

Sodomy Cow: Mooooon River!

Jewish Cow: Moooysha!

George Costanza Cow: Moooops! It says moops!

Schizophrenic Cow: Baa!

Stuttering Cow: M-m-m-mooo!

Arab Cow: Moooove Israel!

Islamic Cow: Moooohammed!

Terrorist Cow: Moooojideen!

Hindu Cow: Holy mooo!



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