The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Daily Dictator

Here's one that's ripe with potential:

"Yes, is me."

Do you have any other ideas of what Mahmoud could be looking at so intently?



#1 Ron 08-May-2008
Hmmm, This brings back memories of all the "Needlenose Nixon" cartoons. In Mahmoud's case, the schnozz is probably his biggest anatomical appendage.
#2 captainfish 08-May-2008
we does he have a big head on a spider's body?

There is prolly a caricature of a Jew on the right with Mr. Big Nose blowing boogies on him.

#3 Yishai 22-May-2008
M.A.: " My nose isn't that big, is it?

smiling dude: "pfftt...."
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