The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Planning Ahead 101

Dutchcedar over at the excellent P.C. Perspective Forums asks the question we've all been thinking:

Preparing for a Carteresque re-deux...

So I was thinking...

If we're gonna be in for another spell like we had with Carter as our president, what can we do as individuals to soften the blow?

I mean, its looking like we're going to end up with four years, at least, of an increased Democratic majority in Congress and Obama as our president and that just spells another crushing blow for four years like we had under Carter. I was woefully unprepared for those four years and am thinking about what to do to soften the impact of it all this time around.

Some things I'm thinking we're gonna experience:
1. Run amok inflation.
2. Gasoline shortages.
3. Higher taxes.
4. Higher unemployment.

Me? I'm thinking that now's the perfect time to stock up on guns and ammo. ;)


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