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Global Warming is FOR REAL

It seems that global warming and its effects are real. You doubt me? Just take a look at this sad deadly story from WCBSTV. 36 people shot and 2 have been stabbed because the globe is getting warmer and warmer.

Chicago police say 36 people were shot and two people were stabbed over the weekend; nine of those victims died. Authorities said that, although that is a large number of violent crimes for such a short time span, it is not unusual as the weather gets warmer.
Chicago police say that warmer weather means more opportunities for violent crime,...
Ald. Isaac Carothers (29th) represents the Austin neighborhood. Like the police, he believes one reason for the rash of violence this weekend is warmer weather. And because he fears a long and violent hot summer, he wants more police in his neighborhood and other hot spots.

hmmm, so, are these violent outbreaks the result of warming or from the fear of global warming? So, wonder what this means for when ACTUAL summer temps start to come in? I mean, this is just the start of spring, right? Temps this year and last year have actually been cooler than predicted. What, temperatures may have hit a high of 80F degrees at most by this time of year? I wonder how this compares to Phoenix and their murder rates? Is Fairbanks, AK is nothing but a hug-fest?

But, do you think the police are any way concerned with shooting of 36 people and the death of 9?
Police admit that three dozen shootings in one weekend is a lot, but through the end of March in Chicago, violent crime was down.

Good to know for the coming tourist season.


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