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Money for Nothing and the Jews for Free

From this Jerusalem Post article, comes a heart-warming story about how President Bush is continuing his support of non-Americans who hate America. The people he loves to give money and benefits to also hate freedom loving countries like Israel. Previously, President Bush pushed to have illegals who invaded USA given amnesty and their crimes forgiven. Now, once again, (as previous presidents have done, I must admit) he is pushing to give millions upon millions to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

As international donors met in London to provide aid to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority, US President George W. Bush included $200 million in funding for the PA as part of a supplemental budget request sent to Congress on Friday. Included in Bush's request for money for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, he asked for $50 million to "train, equip, and garrison Palestinian Authority Security Forces," as well as another $150m. for "urgent budget support" for the PA as part of America's general economic assistance.

Such funds would come on top of some $100m. already requested for the PA under the 2009 budget submitted in January,...

quote from the last photo, "The 480 newly trained forces with crisp uniforms and shiny weapons entered the town on Saturday. " If they are cash-strapped, then how could the PA afford new vehicles, outfits and weapons to nearly 500 "policemen"???So, the total package will actually be $300 million... for one year?!?!!?

Oh, yes, I must also admit that the PA has been reported to be the "moderate" form of the Palestinian people. But that is like saying that a suicide bomber using only half a stick of dynamite is being moderate. They still want to see the removal of Israel from the Earth. They still do all they can to undermine and prevent Israel from living in peace. November, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice pledged America would provide $555m. to the Palestinians. Yet Congress undercut her effort, approving just under half that much in the 2008 budget it was then approving.

Still, the money was a significant increase in American funding to the PA, which has been held back in the past due to fears that the funds could find their way into the hands of terrorists or feed corruption in the Authority.

And what assurance have the US received that anything will be different now!?!? Nothing has changed. This will do nothing but put new weapons, vehicles and body armor into the hands of those who want to kill Jews and Americans as a proxy.

I am at a complete loss to explain how a so-called conservative Republican president can see fit, or any reason, to providing millions in monetary aide to terrorists. Even if they are "moderate" terrorists.



#1 DMartyr 04-May-2008
I just did an article two days ago about how Israel is providing health care to Palestinians because the government can't afford it.

When are these people - and our politicians - going to learn when the military is unnecessary (and yes, a Palestinian military is unnecessary), the well being of the people should come first?

$300 million. I wonder how many innocent Israeli lives that will buy.
#2 captainfish 04-May-2008
Israel health care to the pallies? Is that the purest form of giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

Exactly Dmartyr, how many Jewish lives will this cost.

The way I look at it, if Israel will not stand up for its citizens and its territory, then who will? We as the leader and defenders of the free must. And Pres Bush is obviously not going to protect Israel. He is all for dividing Israel up into pieces and giving millions to its enemies.

How can one win a fight for their lives when you continue to support the enemy? Could we have won the Pacific battle of WW2 if we continued to give oil and iron to Japan? What if we sent millions to Japan for their healthcare needs and even spent millions to train their military.

Ludicrous isn't it? How are the Pallies any different?
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