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May Day Rally in L.A.

Ok, I think i have changed my mind about the illegal immigration thingy. I mean, after seeing this protester marching in the L.A May Day protest for illegal rights, and seeing her succinctly put (and thought provoking) poster, I have changed my mind.

Take a look over at Ringo's blog and see how, who and why the May Day protests in L.A this year. I especially like the pro-American, pro-capitalism, pro-Israel, pro-war on terror, pro-law mythos behind the whole event.

(cough, cough.. gag.. cough.. ahem)

I especially like the many uses of electrical tape. (though, spelling correctly is not one of them). Am glad to know that we are the new Israeli-like oppressors now.

Thought for the day: "Fight for Communism" brought to you today by the word "Teachers" and by the word "Union".

Viva la Chavez!! he he he.. even the atheists and Jeremiah Wright showed up. This event was such a non-event that the L.A. Police didn't even want to beat anyone up no matter how hard the idiot commies tried.There was a news teaser on my local radio station that mentioned that the May Day protest seemed to have been lessened compared to the last few years. They pondered that it may have been affected by the latest laws against illegal immigrants residing and working in the state. They laughed that its effect may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what side of the "fence" one was on. I laughed.

I must say, I find it highly ironic that these marxist, communists, socialists and lazy-ass bums seem to find the time and energy to protest in a nation that has allowed them that right to protest and protest instead of working. I wonder what would happen if these worthless reasons for skin protested in Venezuela, Cuba or N. Korea. I wonder if they would be as nicely dressed as they are?

They suck off the tit of capitalism and then protest against its benefits. They see all the other -ism type of governments failing one by one out there and yet they thing that capitalism is the worst thing since sliced evil. Once again, I am similarly flummoxed about how this can occur like I was with crying and swooning over politicians.



#1 Cletus 06-May-2008
This probably sound pretty bad but if I was American and I lived anywhere near this protest I would have shot it up.

A couple rifles, a couple handguns, I would have fucked up enough socialist/illegal douches before the police got me
#2 captainfish 06-May-2008
Make sure them be American rifles and American ammo.

btw, hollow point works best for one shot stopping.
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