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More Obama Preacher Idiocy

I don't know if you guys know this or not. I had not heard this until I started listening to the Jeremiah Wright Press Club video.

At about 9:30 into this video he is asked if he thinks that Jesus is the only way to Heaven or is Islam also a viable way to salvation?

His answer was rather confusing and obfuscating. He said something like, "Jesus also said that other sheep have I that are not of this hope".

I am unsure what he means by this. If Jesus had "other sheep" then how are they not of his "hope"? Or, if there are people that will not be a part of his "hope" then how are they his "sheep", or as he sometimes calls us, his "flock"?

And if you notice, Wright's flock started laughing after he said that. And even Wright himself looked like he said a satirical joke.

If a preacher can not stand up for his faith, can not defend its principles, or state his faith's guiding ideals, then that man is not a preacher at all. In fact, he is a false preacher.

This man makes me sicker and sicker the more I am exposed to him. How can anyone follow a hate-filled man like that? But then, people also followed Jim Jones.



#1 VH 06-May-2008
Rev. Wright quoted from John 10:16 in the Bible. The word he said was fold, not hope. This passage refers to bringing all sheep (all people) together.

John 10:16 -
And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.
#2 captainfish 06-May-2008
Thus, the passage refers to that Jesus has many sheep. And some are not of his flock. And it is Jesus' mission to lay down his life to all his sheep because it is his choice. He calls to all his sheep, to draw them into his fold lock.

Some of his sheepchildrenhumans are not hearing his call. These people can be from any nationality, region, race or culture.

His answer is still an obfuscation of the answer. For a man that hates Jews, Italians and America, I am really surprised that he did not come out and say that Islam does not follow GOD and have no hope of salvation until they hear the call of Jesus.

True Preachers teach. He could have taken that moment to teach what that meant. To spread the gospel and invite people into the fold.

But then he, and his fold, is not of GOD.
#3 VH 06-May-2008
Are you?
#4 captainfish 06-May-2008
Am I??
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