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Palestinian Hulk Sighting

I've run across a very interesting celebrity sighting on the Palestinian newswires today:

An unidentified Palestinian, which local sources claim is the Incredible Hulk, threatens complete societal destruction upon the West if they don't immediately comply with Palestinian demands for more geek memorabilia. (Freuders/Albert Q. Photoshop)

Cue: car crash sound effect. At least I get an "F" for e"F"fort, right?

If you want to see the original that spawned this mess, be sure to click on over here. The original caption was:

A Palestinian man shouts as he hold up his empty cooking gas canister as he waits to fill it from a gas station in Gaza May 6, 2008. Gaza has been in the grips of a fuel shortage for weeks, the result of sharp Israeli cutbacks in supplies to the Hamas-controlled territory as well as a strike by an association of Palestinian petrol owners over Israeli supply limits. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (GAZA)

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#1 DMartyr 06-May-2008
Da Bang!

A comment completely unrelated to this post but unworthy of a post itself:

I voted!

For Alan Keyes! I had no idea he was still on the ballot!

The republican party should have him nominated to counter an Obama nomination so no one can claim "white racism."
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