The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Diversity Success Story?

Could this be somebody's way of trying to sign me up for the diversity bandwagon?

White Zimbabweans bring change to Nigeria

Musa Mogadi says he is better off since "the whites" came. He's got a new job, learned new farming skills, and he can chat on a mobile phone while zipping around the countryside on a motorbike.

Three years ago, Mr. Mogadi got by as a subsistence farmer. But he now earns a regular wage as a supervisor on one of this town's new commercial farms.

He's applied skills he learned from some of the two dozen white Zimbabwean farmers who moved to Nigeria in 2005, after being kicked off their land by President Robert Mugabe and later attracted by large parcels of land on offer under 25-year leases and commitments of support from the Nigerian government.

(h/t Dawnsblood)


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