The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Daily Dictator

Li'l Mahmoud gets an unexpected visitor:

"We don't have them here in Iran, no."



#1 Donkeyrock 11-May-2008
Honestly, I'm not trying to kiss-up to y'all, and thanks for enjoying the "color commentary" I offer up. :>

#2 captainfish 11-May-2008
Achmed: "What an amazing outfit"
Other: "Thank you. This is a traditional outfit for my country. We honor freedom, spirit, color, and choosing your own style."
Achmed: "I am wearing Iran's"
Other: "ok? It looks very nice for a white guy"
Achmed: "we will wipe you off the face of the muslim earth"
#3 captainfish 11-May-2008
Achmed: "Have you seen my finger trick?"
Other: "No, what do you mean?"
Achmed: "pull my finger and find out what trick I can do!"
Other: "No, I'd rather not. I heard you already killed several women recently"
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