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I Gots an E-mail!

I was wondering if I'd ever get anything juicy for posting this video. Maybe that means it's time for me to make it sticky again? Reader chingatumadre sends in his educated opinion, from the Islamic stronghold of Austin, Texas:

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User Name: chingatumadre
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May God burn the man in hell just like he burned the Quran.

your useless gestures will not stop Islam or the Muslims from rightfully taking their place in the world. Europe was in the dark ages and living like animals when Muslims where advancing in every technological field. now the West is on top but the sun will set on the West and the East will rise again as the beacon of knowledge and leadership of the world.

As an aside, when the heck did Muslims take to posting insults in Spanish? Can't I go anywhere without hearing that confounded language? ;)



#1 MJ 08-May-2008
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. hahaha.. hehe...whew
*wiping tears away*

I wish I got emails as hilarious as that... I like the part about Muslims being more technologically advanced than Europe... apparently this guy #1 doesn't live in the "East" and #2 doesn't have Youtube...

Thanks for my laugh for the day...

#2 Cletus 08-May-2008
I sent him a nice email. The subject header was "As-Salaam-Alaikum" and inside I included a whole bunch of pictures of mohammed (the most offensive ones I could find, involving menstrual blood, gay sex, and copious swine) and also some pics of his buddies overseas, who have been personally introduced to the U.S of A

I'd post them here but I don't think brain leakage would get past the censors
#3 captainfish 08-May-2008
Cletus you make me smile.

It is true, the areas now controlled by Muslims was once more knowledgeable than the rest of the world. That is why it was called the dark ages. That area also had the most money and the most death.

Fast forward, enlightenment hits and white man takes over and grows, and grows, and grows, and makes the planet better for it. Where are the muslims?? Still stuck in the dark ages.

Hell, if they had improved one iota... they would be using lasers to chop off heads.

Speaking of which... who are the ones that have laser guided MOABS that can crawl up your CHING-butt and blow you to pieces???
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