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World Food Program (WFP) internal documents show that the major oil producing nations of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) gives almost nothing to the food organization, even as skyrocketing oil prices and swollen oil revenues contribute to the very crisis that the U.N. claims could soon add 100 million more people to the world’s starving masses.

The overwhelming bulk of the burden in feeding the world’s starving poor remains with the United States and a small group of other predominately Western nations, a situation that the WFP has done little so far to change, even as it has asked for another $775 million in donations to ease the crisis.

Donor listings on WFP’s website show that this year, as in every year since 1999, the U.S. is far and away the biggest aid provider to WFP. Since 2001, U.S. donations to the food agency have averaged more than $1.16 billion annually — or more than five times as much as the next biggest donor, the European Commission.

The U.S. gives more than five times that of the European Commission? How can that be when everyone knows the United States is the "Great Satan" and the biggest terrorist nation on earth?



#1 dengrui 09-May-2008
What's the total contributions of the European Commission and the individual member states of the European Commission?
#2 DMartyr 09-May-2008
2001 to 2007 donor list:

2008 donor list:

Thanks to Dhimmi Watch for the links:
#3 DMartyr 09-May-2008
That 2008 link should be:

#4 captainfish 09-May-2008
Sounds like it is high time to keep some of that food money at home. If the libs are going to make our food into fuel causing food and fuel prices to rise (mostly due to taxes to pay for fuel subsidies) then we should keep those billions at home. Meaning.... not taxing us those billions and allowing us to keep our own money.

You hear the excuse the anti-tax holiday people are will take too much money OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT'S HANDS. Like it is even their's to begin with!!!!!!!

Let us keep it and decide what we want to do with it. Besides, Mr Hussein Obama, the tax decrease will be more than just $0.18 a day. It will be nearly $0.30 a gallon in many locals. Some people might see a $1.00 a day in savings (that would be me). That would be almost $100.00 in savings in the meager 3 month period.

That would more than make up for the increase in taxes and food costs.

Oh, here is an idea!!! How about giving billions and billions to ART programs or programs to build religious areas in prisons. Or how about stop paying for Representatives to rent expensive cars? Or how about stop LOSING ALL THE LAPTOPS THE AGENCIES BUY?!?!!? Or how about stop giving free credit cards to purchase happy government employees and ... oh my.. here is a shocker... MAKE THEM PAY FOR THE WRONGFUL PURCHASES THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF USING TAX DOLLARS?!?!?

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