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Hezbullah's Media Blackout

Charles Malik has details on Hezbullah's takeover of the Lebanese press:

Hezbollah has taken control of the media in Lebanon, and their propaganda campaign has already begun. They are currently presenting themselves as liberators of Lebanon, and allies of the Lebanese Army against a corrupt government supported by pro-government snipers and brigrands.

Hezbollah's militant takeover of Beirut and its systematic destruction of the authority of the state and freedom of the press suggests a sophisticated and planned campaign to take power. There is no hiding the violence Hezbollah used to seize Beirut and cut it off from the rest of the country. But as their media campaign is already showing, Hezbollah is employing subtle and sophisticated mechanisms to take over the rest of Lebanon. All news which could be construed as negative behaviors, such as the blatant destruction and corruption of Lebanese institutions, is hidden beneath a Hezbollah-dominated media blackout.

No one knows if Hezbollah is currently occupying government building, re-routing the telecommunications networks, placing weapons in areas they could not gain access to before, and more. If Hezbollah wins this battle, this information will never be made public.

And it certainly won't be made public by the Western press, which is already quite sympathetic to Hezbullah:

Al Jazeera is claiming that Hezbollah has made a "concession" by opening the airport road. As was told to me by a veteran Lebanese reporter, all of the journalists and news agencies reporting right now have been vetted by Hezbollah. Even if the news is true, it is written to present Hezbollah's actions as gracious.



#1 captainfish 09-May-2008
You dont really expect the world's news organizations to throw a fit if Hexbullocks takes over Lebanon and clamps down on the media's numbnuts do ya?

Heck no. They love cuba, china, n. korea, iran, syria, n. vietnam.....these are wonderful places to be for them.

They wont even cry fowl if one of their own is killed for trying to out corruption. Nay, that would be wrong.

What is wrong is for western-like nations to be like western nations. That is wrong and corrupted. Capitalism and freedom is corruption and evil. That is their duty to fight those ideas no matter the cost.
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