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Brussels Journal Threatened over 17th Century Pulpit

Of course, the people who threatened Mr. Belien's website still live in the 7th century... but heck, you already knew that:

Your news is very race.If you are continue this your website is must be close. We check your server, database,IP and find this pictures, news.You must be careful. Our father of Turk is Ataturk. We are democratic, laic and muslum. We are not Arabic people.We live for peace. We like "Isa" and "Meryem" They are God childs. We give you 7 days. If you are dont change any news or insult. Turkish attack will be started!

Heck, if it's that offensive, we might as well post it here on Snapped Shot as well. I always love finding new ways of getting fan mail.

Ye Angels, stomping on Ye Mohammed (pork be upon him).



#1 Kevin 09-May-2008
very race.
#2 DMartyr 09-May-2008
Democratic my arse...
#3 captainfish 09-May-2008
"Isa is arabic for jesus, meryem is a quranic misspelling for Mary. Looks that it's not only those poor creatures that can't write, their Allah suffers also from dyslexia or some strange brain-disorder"

I love it. So, Satan is evil cause he is brain-damaged?! hahhaaa

"Our father of Turk is Ataturk" ?!?! WTH?? Isn't that the demon from some B-grade movie back in the 50's?
#4 captainfish 09-May-2008
1922 Sultanate abolished (November 1).
1923 Treaty of Lausanne secured (July 24). Republic of Turkey with capital at Ankara proclaimed (October 29).
1924 Caliphate abolished (March 3). Traditional religious schools closed, Sheriat (Islamic Law) abolished. Constitution adopted (April 20).
1925 Dervish brotherhoods abolished. Fez outlawed by the Hat Law (November 25). Veiling of women discouraged; Western clothing for men and women encouraged. Western (Gregorian) calendar adopted.
1926 New civil, commercial, and penal codes based on European models adopted. New civil code ended Islamic polygamy and divorce by renunciation and introduced civil marriage. Millet system ended.
1927 First systematic census.
1928 New Turkish alphabet (modified Latin form) adopted. State declared secular (April 10); constitutional provision establishing Islam as official religion deleted.
1933 Islamic call to worship and public readings of the Kuran (Quran) required to be in Turkish rather than Arabic.
1934 Women given the vote and the right to hold office. Law of Surnames adopted - Mustafa Kemal given the name Kemal Atatürk (Father of the Turks) by the Grand National Assembly; Ismet Pasha took surname of Inönü.
1935 Sunday adopted as legal weekly holiday. State role in managing economy written into the constitution.

On assuming office, Atatürk initiated a series of radical reforms in the country's political, social, and economic life that aimed at rapidly transforming Turkey into a modern state. For him, modernization meant Westernization.

On one level, a secular legal code, modeled along European lines, was introduced that completely altered laws affecting women, marriage, and family relations. On another level, Atatürk urged his countrymen to look and act like Europeans. Turks were encouraged to wear European-style clothing. Atatürk personally promoted ballroom dancing at official functions.
#5 captainfish 09-May-2008
It is amazing that after all that, now the radicals are starting to take over and call it "better".

Look how far the country of Turkey has come. And now with the Radical Nut-Jobs becoming more powerful in the government, Turkey will slip into 3rd world class. Death rates will climb. Standard of living will fall to zero.

You know when Israeli Jews started immigrating back to the land of their fathers, the quality of life increased by 25 years, the average annual income increased at least 3 fold. Deserts bloomed and Israel became the largest exporter of food to Europe. Whereas, the previous 1800 years the land was in utter devastation that was not fit for man nor beast.

Now... it blooms. If they give it back to the Radical Muslims, it will die once again.
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