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Embedded with the Enemy?

Freedom of the press, jihadi-style.
A Blog for All asks if Western news stringers operating in Beirut today are enemy embeds. The answer to that is twofold:—For starters, all of the photographers that are covering this week's events live there, so they're essentially covering their home turf. However, Hezbullah has been going through plenty of effort to censor photographers that are "unfriendly" to the group, and has shut down media outlets that are run by the opposition, so the remaining photographers aren't exactly enemy "embeds," as much as they are enemy-vetted.

By the way, I still haven't heard a single word of condemnation issued by Reuters against the brutal treatment shown to its employees by the terrorist militia. Yet, if Israel were even remotely thought to have been involved, I'm sure the press releases would've been flying before the photos even hit the wires.

One wonders why Hezbullah feels it needs to even bother with censorship of the press, considering how friendly to the group the media already are.



#1 Solomonia 12-May-2008
At MJT's, Lee Smith conveys a report from a friend and colleague in Lebanon, Elie Fawaz, who says: The War for Lebanon has not even begun yet in earnest and Hezbollah's “victory” in Beirut is not all it seems:...
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