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Happy Nakba, Y'all!

Peaceful pro-terrorist thoughts from the Islamic Republic of Peace, Love, and Iran.

As I mentioned yesterday, today is actually the day after this year's Nakba. But, as I also mentioned, there is still plenty of time for hilarity, as Friday is the traditional day of Muslim prayer, introspection, and carefully-coordinated rage. As promised, here are today's highlights—Shaken, not stirred; Linked, not embedded.

 Darth Vader rages against Israel.
 Your Average Hometown Hero.
 Always against, never for.

 What don't they hate?
 One sign, two photographers, three different angles. (And yeah, these guys aren't technically celebrating the Naqba in this shot, but this protest did turn into a Bash Israel-fest, as any good protest will.)
 Remember: "Innocent" Muslims carry RPGs, too!
 The banner reads: "[Happy] Down with America and Israel Day." That is what today is all about, isn't it? Incidentally, I think the correct translation would be "Death To ... Day."
 More gentle culture—I reckon those are pretty fancy flying carpets, eh?

Egypt: (our Partners in Peace!)
 Guess which coward's picture makes an appearance?

Palestinian Terror-tories:
 Celebrating as only they can.

Brussels: (Yes, it's an Islamic city)
 99 Luftballoons? I thought that was a German song!

Pamela over at Atlas Shrugs has embedded pictures here. I remember back when I could do that. Sniff...

I'll have more pics as I run across them. If you find any that I've missed (search here, here, and here), just drop 'em down in the comments.



#1 soccer dad 16-May-2008
Maybe they could publish alongside the story how many Jews lived in each of these countries in 1947 and how many live in them now.

Just saying.
#2 captainfish 17-May-2008
Hi soccer dad.

So, all these people, this culture, is just too stupid to exist? Their praised celebrations are based on non-existent happenings.

As Elder has pointed out... the Nakba has nothing to do with Israel from its beginnings. It had to do with Arab on Arab violence.
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