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UK: Hijack A Plane, Get An Airport Job

It appears that, in the UK, hijacking an airplane gives you the necessary experience to gain employment at an airport:

One of the nine Afghans who won the right to live in Britain after hijacking a plane is now working at Heathrow airport as a cleaner, it emerged last night.

Nazamuddin Mohammidy was one of a group who took over an internal Afghan flight in 2000 and landed it in the UK, where they threatened to kill those on board unless they were granted asylum.

Not only does such behavior get you a job, it comes with free room and board for you and your entire family!

The Boeing 727, with 160 passengers on board, was diverted to Stansted Airport in Essex. There, the hijackers kept police and SAS marksmen at bay for four days before giving themselves up.

All were jailed, but later had their convictions quashed by the Court of Appeal.

They have since been living in West London rent-free and on state benefits at an annual cost of £150,000 to the taxpayer.

I suspect, however, to qualify for this irresistible deal, you would have to belong to a certain religious persuasion...



#1 captainfish 17-May-2008
How in this zany world is this possible?!?!

21st century... the end of Britain!!
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