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Holocaust Hero Dies At 98

Irena Sendler, who saved thousand of children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto, dies at age 98.

Irena Sendler, aged 98, the saviour of some 2500 Jewish children during the WWII, died in a Warsaw hospital on Monday morning. She was awarded numerous honors in recognition of her activities and was one of the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.


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#1 Eric W 13-May-2008
What a true heroine. Truly inspirational. However, it also makes me angry considering who actually won the 2007 Peace Prize. But, then again, they also gave one to Arafat, so it's not like it actually means that much anymore.
#2 captainfish 13-May-2008
I hope she finds a truly blessed gift and reward place in heaven filled with nothing but laughs, love, and never-ending peace.

She is a hero of unimaginable proportions. And no stupid, idiotic, piss-ant, good-for-toilet-paper, worthless, kiss-ass, purchasable "peace" (of sh*t) price can gain her more glory than the love and adoration that GOD is bestowing upon her now.

For the Peace Prize to be given to a terrorist?!?! To a man who did nothing for science except cheapen it, sully it, make science into a blackmail "ponzi" scheme...... the Peace Prize has shown once again that they are nothing but socialist hacks. And then for a traitor Carter to win..????!?!?!
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