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Police Protection for Provocative Pulpit

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From the Who saw that coming? file, it would appear that the pulpit we mentioned a few days ago is now being targeted by outraged Turks. [Ed.:—Okay, maybe not "Turks," so much as they're "Practitioners of the Religion of Peace."] Of course, rather than dealing with the problem (i.e., people who constantly rage against inanimate objects), Belgian authorities have decided that treating the symptoms is sufficient:

Since Friday, we have received threats while the authorities in Belgium, which has a large population of Turkish immigrants, fear that the pulpit and the church may be attacked. The Belgian press reported today that the police is guarding Dendermonde’s Our Lady church to prevent vandalism to church and pulpit.

While it's good to see that the Belgian government is taking steps to protect an historic church, it is genuinely heartbreaking to see Europe so afraid of actually confronting the root of the problem—A complete and utter inability to speak out against the destructive tendencies of the Religion of the Perpetually Offended. Notice, however, that the Belgian government has plenty of time to speak out against the "real" aggressors here:

According to the Belgian press the pulpit controversy has been deliberately caused by [the Brussels Journal], which is being described as “pretending to be neo-conservative” but run by “neo-fascists.” Piet Buyse, the mayor of Dendermonde, told the media that he deplores that the pulpit “figures on websites which aim to provoke negative reactions from Muslims.” The mayor said that the depicted man represents an unbeliever and may also be Luther or Calvin.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of negative reactions:

Muhammed, properly under foot.


Update: If you'll allow me, here's a really brief summary of what's going on. I would've said this earlier, but it hadn't occurred to me yet. (I know, I can be a real slowpoke sometimes.)

Seriously—why bother with comedy, when reality is so much funnier?

Update 2: For all of the serial outrageists that are demanding the removal of this pulpit, I present a gift.

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#1 Ace of Spades HQ 13-May-2008
Uh, yeah. And the Dutch government is courageously affixing the blame for the need for police protection for the church precisely where it belongs -- with the "neo-fascist" newspaper that dared to publish the photos....
#2 Kevin 13-May-2008
"...figures on websites which aim to provoke negative reactions from Muslims."

It's getting so you can't even pee on a koran these days without getting a negative reaction from a muslim. Simmer down, guys.
#3 Pierre Legrand's Pink Flamingo Bar 13-May-2008
#4 captainfish 13-May-2008
"# Death threats ensue, leading to
# Inanimate object protected by police, who
# Lay the blame for all of this outrage at the foot of our poor tourist."

So, does that mean we can now blame the woman for being raped here too?
#5 kyros 13-May-2008
"Since Friday, we have received threats "
LOL, the rage always starts after Friday prayers.
#6 Anonymous 13-May-2008
The way some Muslims treat Mohammed as if HE were a god is itself blasphemy.

The difference between even the Prophets and God is so great that they are no more than dust by comparison (like the rest of us -- despite what certain celebrities think of themselves...).
#7 vivi 14-May-2008
mmkay,we'll give up the pulpit statue if the Muslims turn the Hagia Sophia back into a Catholic Church instead of a mosque.
#8 Mohammed the Dog 14-May-2008
"mmkay,we'll give up the pulpit statue if the Muslims turn the Hagia Sophia back into a Catholic Church instead of a mosque.

vivi on 2008-05-14 00:46 #5"

Actually, it was a Greek Orthodox Church before it was defiled, but point taken, nonetheless.
#9 Macker 14-May-2008
"Since Friday, we have received threats
LOL, the rage always starts after Friday prayers."
Here's something for NFL Monday Night Football Fans..."Friday Night Riot:"

It's the 12 toons from Denmark that's got us upset
So call forth your friends, some kufr blood we're gonna let
The world's all rowdy, no one is in their seat
It's the matchup for the ages, tension that can't be beat
Europe wants to appease, but compromise is not in sight
The Ummah wants to get some revenge this Friday Night!

So hit it!
Come on and hit it!
Come on and get ready!
I mean really ready

Are you ready for some KUFRs!
A Friday Night Riot!
We got swords and bombs and guns!
Let’s get the Big One started!
The Koran is our Book! Kill infidels on sight,
All my rowdy friends are here for Friday Night!
#10 J.J. Sefton 14-May-2008
That's not so much. As a perpetually outraged member-of-tribe, I plan on threatening Italy for the outrageous Trajan Arch which of course depicts the temple in Jerusalem being sacked! Oy gevalt, you Roman-mamzers! I'll sue you!!!!!!!
#11 Dennis Carnett 14-May-2008
Muslims people are the scum of the earth.Five thousand years of heat and sand has made all the Muslims dumb as
hell. They will kill at the drop of a hat.lets deport all the muslims from the USA.
#12 Dave Funk 14-May-2008
Actually the Greek Orthodox Church IS Catholic.
#13 Mohammad the Dog 14-May-2008
"Actually the Greek Orthodox Church IS Catholic.

Dave Funk on 2008-05-14 07:48 #10"

If you mean *Catholic*, still no, if you mean *catholic*, maybe. GREEK Orthodox folks and ROMAN Catholics would probably disagree with you, as would many historians, if you hold by the former. Think 'Schism', as in Great Schism.
#14 Brian C. Ledbetter 14-May-2008
Careful, you two, or you're going to incur the wrath of [i]the Slightly Angry Orthodox Priest[/i]:

[i]"I'm really only mildly annoyed."[/i][/center]


#15 Buckley F. Williams 14-May-2008
"Slightly Angry Orthodox Priest"

That guy looks so familiar. I can't quite place him though.
#16 Paulete 14-May-2008
the ONLY way to combat these terrorists- is to HUMILIATE THEM. Belgium- FIGHT THESE SOBs! FIGHT THEM!!! DONT GIVE UP YOUR NATION!
#17 Linda 15-May-2008
It's time for Europe and anyone else indulging, to stop pandering to Islam, everytime one or more of them start to whine and cry about some perceived insult. Islamics move into your countries, demand you change to suit them, and your Dhimmi establishments are too scared and weak to make waves and tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. If you think Hitler was bad, wait until you get a load of a European/Arab Caliphate. Stop it , before you become what Bat Ye'Or termed Eurabia. Europe won't be so smug then, and the United States might not even be there again to pull your butts out of the fire.
#18 Iconoclast360 18-May-2008
There weren't any Muslims five thousand years ago, because Islam didn't develop until the seventh century A.D.
#19 A. C. 28-Mar-2009
No. The Holy Orthodox Church IS Catholic just as she is Apostolic and pre-denominational. Catholic meaning universal of course. The Great Schism has nothing to do with the Church's catholicity, period. She is Catholic as it is testified every Sunday during the Divine Liturgy in the NICENE - CONSTANTINOPOLITAN Creed that her bishops formed in the year 325 after Christ, yes the same one that Roman Catholics and some protestants profess.
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