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For Yeniçag, A Gift

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I don't know if this counts as a "funny" parody, but it's wholeheartedly dedicated to the Turkish tabloid that has started whipping up the fires of hatred against the "controversial" Belgian pulpit.

"Bacon is delicious."

On a lighter note, the pulpit does seem oddly reminiscent of the McDonald's playgrounds I used to play on as a kid. With that inspiration, maybe this one will be a bit more understandable:

MoHammed's: We Do Bacon Right.

Of course, considering how Europeans feel about McDonalds, I might be looking forward to a long series of death threats from people named Sven for that last one... ;)Rooster e-mailed this one in:

"M is for Mandetta..."

Ooo, neat—Here's one from DMartyr, the internet's #1 source for crusading:


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#1 captainfish 13-May-2008
Brian, "I'm loving it!"
#2 William Teach 14-May-2008

I feel a photoshop idea coming on.
#3 DMartyr 15-May-2008
You should make one with the angels saying, "Squeal like a pig!" and Mo squealing like Ned Beatty.
#4 Steve (Bruxelles) 16-May-2008
Fuck Islam before Islam fucks us all ! Islam is a religion of hate and death !
#5 cleaver 16-May-2008
the european focus is on "integrating the muslims." and you can integrate them -- if they are a small number and you make clear that the ideals of western civilization are of higher value and importance than the ideology of islam, which leads only to poverty and violence. instead, the europeans are integrating huge masses, stopping coversation about islam, and inviting more muslims, not caring that the experience of christians in lebanon and gaza and iraq will be their experience.

blind, stupid europeans.
#6 Fink 16-May-2008
Love these cartoons. They are great.

Keep publishing more like that because the muslims can't find your house and kill you through internet.

Poor newspapers who are always being threatened even if they just publish a normal photo of the statue.
#7 cclezel 16-May-2008
More squealing less kneeling I say.
#8 Skul 16-May-2008
OK, that's funny.
#9 charles couzijn 17-May-2008
The islamists have great friends in The Netherlands : the cowards in the dutch government who crawl for them while shitting in their pants.
It is allowed to the moslims to call the non-moslims/christians "pigs, swines who should be killed", "homosexuals should be thrown from a high rise building" etc. There is no penalty on this kind of remarks in The Netherlands.
#10 Joe Adams 18-May-2008
From the latest trends of European polititions who are clueless as to where their loyalties should go, it seems as though it is past time to use their democracies to kick out the traitors before you have no democracy and therefore no alternative left.
Once again it seems that Europe is making bad decisions that in the end will require others to shed blood for their salvation.
#11 Steve (Bruxelles) 18-May-2008
Joe Adams: You are absolutely right: European politicians make stupid decisions. It is a consequence of the Treaty of Stasbourg: oil for immigration. With each barrel of oil we import we get one Muslim "free of charge". And the more oil we consume the more Muslims we get. And the more Muslims you have in a country the more trouble you get (all free of charge).
#12 Simon Fleischmann 28-May-2008
These are funny. But my older brother coined an expression that he likes to pronounce in the line-up at the foodstore or the bus stop or wherever. It goes something like this: "Well...y'all know what they say. Mohammad fellates Jesus on the Sabbath."

In keeping with this fine new coined idiom, may I suggest the following speech bubble: "Alrighty, Mary, I'll fellate Jesus like a good muslim should!"
#13 Anonymous 23-Jun-2008
You, all european government and international agency are fool and idiot. You have been seduced and brainwashed by Islamists around the world. You've been tricked all this time. Your governments make love to Islamists. You will sow what you've been done. Islam will torture you till europe conquered by Islam. Stupid westerner! You've never learnt from History! All liberalists and Atheists and also others will be slaved/killed till converted to Islam. Please learn from history!!!
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