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Hypocrisy in fruitful action

I despise hypocrisy. It is a lie to me. It is full-frontal betrayal. It sickens my stomach more so than people swooning over Obama like a rockmovie star.

Today comes news that the House and the Senate both voted on bills that told the President to stop buying oil to fill up the National Strategic Oil Reserves.

Their case? That oil needs to be in the market in order to reduce the price load upon consumers. The more oil on the market there is will cause the price of gas to go down for consumers.

"Instead of hiding barrels of oil in the nearly full Strategic Petroleum Reserve, we want to put them on the market to increase supply and lower prices," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

All of a sudden the most liberal whiners in Legislature are big believers in capitalism? They want to increase the flow of oil in America??!? Well HALLELUJAH!!!

Uhhh.. wait one minute there. Read on for the joy of hypocrisy in action...They also voted on a few other bills while they were sucking up our tax dollars blowing hot air in D.C.

Democrats trying to pressure Saudi Arabia to boost oil output introduced legislation in the Senate on Tuesday that would stop a $1.4 billion U.S. arms sale to the kingdom.


Separately, the Senate rejected a broader Republican energy measure which would have allowed oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and in the waters off coastal states where energy exploration is now banned.

Oh.. and then there is this lovely little tidbit from Alaska

Oil companies say Alaska should pay $800 million in damages, claiming the state breached a deal when it revoked gas and oil leases on a North Slope oil field. Exxon Mobil Corp. filed the claim with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources on behalf of itself and lease partners on Monday over the revocation of Point Thomson oil and gas leases.

Separately, the company filed a request for reconsideration of a gas field development plan it submitted but was rejected by Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin last month.

Oh, but that area is not really all that big, and it should be protected for wildlife, and it really would not do anything to our petroleum-based stocks at all....
Point Thomson holds nearly one-fourth of the 35 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves the state and the industry hope to one day ship in a gas line to Midwestern markets.

You know, if we had started developing all these areas 10 years ago when the COMMIES stopped us because they said we shouldn't cause nothing will be gained until 10 years later..... we would not be in this high-priced-gas mess we are in now!!!

We have enough coal, oil and shale within our own 48-state border to supply us for over 100 years. If you were to add the coastal regions from Alaska to Maine, we could have gas prices down to where they were back in the 80's. Do you recall $0.80 gas?

So, what does Point Thompson look like? Is it like the garden of eden that democratsliberalsgreens (all socialists) make it out to be?? Umm....NO!

ExxonMobil and its major partners at Point Thomson, BP, Chevron and ConocoPhillips, are in the middle of a dispute with the state over the status of state oil and gas leases in the field, where about 8 trillion cubic feet of gas and 200 million barrels of liquid condensates have been discovered by past drilling.



#1 Cletus 14-May-2008
the oil companies should just go up there and start drilling, before the russians or chinese come and try and steal it (especially the gas off the coast)
#2 captainfish 15-May-2008
Oil companies should just get some balls and stand up to these green whiny liberals. Tell them to stick their liberal bullcrap where sun does not shine.

Tell them and the people of this nation that if we do not drill for oil we will become like Africa and Egypt who are currently rioting for food and energy.

They need to be told that without our own supply of oil and coal, our economy will come to a complete and grinding halt and we will starve and become a prime bait for mexico's invasion.

Think about that. Mexico will be wealthy enough to invade, not militarily, but economically by buying out our governments.
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