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Free Healthcare for All

That's pretty much the Democratic Party platform this year, isn't it? You may not be aware of it, but our Government is already providing 100% free healthcare, even including long-term hospital care, for all.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say "all?"

Yeah, right. Keep on dreaming. Free health care applies only to illegal aliens, don'tcha know?

Digger's got the scoop:

With millions in this country not able to afford health insurance, illegal aliens are still receiving "free" health care at taxpayer's expense. In the cases noted below millions were spent on just two illegal aliens who required ongoing care. Ongoing care is not covered by any laws. Emergency care is, but these illegals have remained in this hospital for years. ICE doesn't care because they don't have a criminal record and one patient - who was eventually deported to Mexico - has now sued the hospital costing them a quarter of a million dollars in legal expenses to defend themselves after spending millions on keeping him in their hospital "for free" for years.

Exit Question: Is this a public benefit that John McCain is going to enthusiastically support for his newfound core constituency?



#1 captainfish 15-May-2008
you bet your burritos he is.

Thank god I live in a state that has passed laws banning the giving of free tax dollars and renting to illegals.

Illegals are a bane to the existence of all that is right, sane and all that is hope and legal.

And, McCain believes in pandering to people who are not even legally allowed to vote.
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