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Towards a More Peaceful World

You know how certain types of activists always insist that a world under female leadership will be infinitely more peaceful than our current (presumably) male-dominated, totally patriarchal society?

Yeah... You can pretty much chuck those silly old ideas in the trash, right where they belong:

NORTH EAST [Ed.:—A city in Maryland]

Ex-girlfriend charged in fatal shooting

State police have charged a Joppatowne woman with fatally shooting a former girlfriend in the doorway of her Cecil County home.

Police say Sandra Heim, 46, and Helen Sparks, 47, recently had broken up and had argued before the shooting.

The women were driving away from Miss Sparks' home in North East on Saturday at about 1 p.m. when the car stopped. Witnesses told police Miss Sparks began walking home, but Miss Heim got a gun from her trunk and started firing, pursuing Miss Sparks to her doorstep.

Police say Miss Sparks' 22-year-old son captured Miss Heim and neighbors helped hold her until police arrived.

Miss Heim is charged with first- and second-degree murder, assault and handgun violations in the death.

Far be it from me to point out that, until the victim's son stepped into this scenario, there were no men involved in this brutal killing.

So next time a hippie tells you that the only thing keeping the world from being peaceful is a lack of wymynly leadership, just refer them to this shining example of the peacefulness of women.

As an added bonus, notice that this extreme gun violence takes place in the People's Republic of Gun-Unfriendly Maryland.

And finally, a pox on TWT for pop-under ads. If there's anything out there that will stop me from using their website, it's that. Other than the fact that the site is ugly as heck, that is.



#1 DMartyr 15-May-2008
I don't know, Brian.

I think male on female and male on male violence still far exceeds female on female or female on male violence.

Though, I do agree there is a disturbing trend of increasing violence among women.
#2 captainfish 15-May-2008
I like it when they flop in the mud.
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