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A Coincidence?

Alec Rawls at Error Theory makes an amusing observation:

The two most widely recognized symbols of Islam are the crescent and the sword. Kind of amusing that Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign logo can be seen to feature both a crescent and a curved Islamic scimitar:

Obama definitely deserves to be made fun of for having a fairly obvious crescent shape in his logo, given his efforts to convince the public that he is not Muslim. This is already an uphill climb, when both his grandmother and his cousin are telling documented lies about their religion, claiming to be Christian in one venue while professing themselves Muslim in another. Lying about being Christian: it’s an Obama family tradition!

Still, there is no indication that the crescent and scimitar shapes in Obama’s logo are intended to convey any Islamic meaning. A genuine coincidence apparently.



#1 MB 15-May-2008
Seriously pathetic.
#2 Cletus 15-May-2008
Is that an Obama supporter I smell?

Oh, never mind. I just farted and some shit came out is all
#3 waseem 24-Jul-2008
whats wrong whith him being a muslim
are you scared of that
islam is coming
:) smile ... world peace
#4 Anonymous 05-Oct-2008
stretching a bit aren't you?
It's idiots like you that will always hold us in the palms of rich old white men in bed with banks and oil companies, the real terrorists.
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