The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Proper Qu'ran Cleaning Technique #2

If it doesn't come out with fire, you can always try using a shoe:

(h/t Bash)



#1 DMartyr 22-May-2008
Oh cripes! I am so offended, Brian!

What a WASTE of a perfectly good bottle of beer!

#2 captainfish 23-May-2008
Bad.. Bad... Bad Beer

wonder how many rants you are going to get now. snicker
#3 Nova 14-Sep-2008

No one should mess with the Quran , u fuckin peaces of shit ...

Anyone one who does this to the Quran or thinks its funny,gonna suffer alot in his life ..MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!

Allah Akbar!
#4 Islam Sayed 26-Sep-2008
plz remove this video

la 2alllah 2la allah -- mohamed rasowl allah
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