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Postville Raid Update 2

Ok, here are some more updates on that ICE raid on the AgriProcessing plant raid that yielded nearly 400 illegal democrat voters.. umm.. I mean illegal immigrants.

From a member of Congress comes this message of respect and admiration...

U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley on Tuesday asked federal officials for a tally of the costs of last week's immigration raid in Postville and similar enforcement actions in 2006 at Swift & Co. meatpacking plants in Marshalltown and five other Midwest cities.

"It is important that my constituents in Iowa and all U.S. taxpayers know how their tax dollars are being spent," the Waterloo Democrat said in a letter to Immigration and Customs Enforcement Assistant Secretary Julie Myers.

Braley said it's important for federal immigration officials to be as transparent as possible when enforcement actions occur.

The congressman asked for a breakdown of ICE's expenses, including planning, execution, processing, detention and deportation costs. He also asked for the budgets of other cooperating agencies that assisted with the raids.

Now, I wonder why in the world he would want to know that kind of information?? And, isn't it interesting that Braley's political affiliation is not mentioned.From KAALtv comes this:
55 workers from a north Iowa meat packing plant were sentenced Wednesday on federal felony charges. All of them admitted they are in the United States illegally. That brings the total number of workers sentenced to 140.


From Gazette Online comes this:
At the end of Wednesday, 234 detainees were sentenced, United States Attorney Matt Dummermuth announced Thursday afternoon. Ninty-four defendants pleaded guilty and were sentenced on felony federal charges on Wednesday.

Ok, that leaves 155 remaining. How come it is taking so long?!?

So, what kind of punishment did they get??
There were 75 defendants sentenced to five months in prison and two were sentenced to one year in prison. They pleaded guilty to using a false identification document to obtain employment and admitted they used the means of identification of a real person.

Eight defendants were sentenced to five months in prison after pleading guilty to false use of a social security number or social security card.

Two defendants were sentenced to five years probation after pleading guilty to false use of a social security number or social security card.

Ok, 82 out of 234 were given 5 months sentences. What about the other 152?!?! What were they given? Has anyone ever heard of reporting news? Digging for news and answers?! Don't they teach "asking questions" in reporter school?

And still, ICE has yet to charge the employer for anything.


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