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Some are More Equal

When it comes to drunk driving in California, the law appears to put certain people at a distinct advantage (h/t Man50D):

Some illegal aliens may have found a way to ensure they will never lose their driver's licenses for drunk driving in California – even if they can't read.


"There are some clients who do not provide any Social Security numbers whatsoever," he said. "When a client calls over the phone to have a schedule change, I have to ask him for his birth date and Social Security number. Sometimes there's no Social Security number whatsoever. That's a red flag to me."

Rodier said the STEPS program is not only for first-time offenders. Often times, people who have had two or three drunk-driving offenses register for the classes.

"There are some people who have gotten a DUI, taken a course, gotten their license and gotten a DUI and repeated the whole process over again," he said.

Drunk-driving on the roads that Americans won't drunk-drive on, eh? I wonder where MADD stands on this?



#1 captainfish 24-May-2008
How about just not giving illegals driving licenses in the first place.

They are not even supposed to be here. They are not legal citizens. How can they even get insurance (I am assuming that even in CA there is a requirement for insurance). I just don't get how state governments can cater to illegals, especially continually drunk ones, that cause numerous problems and DUIs.

But then, the people of these states vote these anti-americans into office. They deserve the anarchy they get.
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