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Postville Raid Update

Just when you thought things were looking up for removing illegals from this country because of the arrest of almost 400 illegals at the Postville Agriprocessing plant.

Think again...

Meanwhile, lawyers for immigrant workers arrested in the raid at a meat packing plant in Postville said they've reached an agreement with federal authorities that will keep the workers in Iowa.

The Des Moines Register reported that the agreement was reached late Friday.

It will allow 83 workers detained during the raid at the Agricprocessors Inc. plant to stay in the state at least until their administrative bond hearings are held. The lawyers said that could be six months or more.

Those workers were detained but not charged. They include 62 who were released on humanitarian grounds.

The attorneys said they want to make sure the workers aren't shipped to other states and given new attorneys. They said that could hamper the workers' rights to a vigorous legal defense.

Update: Seems out of the 390 people arrested, 7 will be deported after all. Now recall from my previous post that 306 faced criminal charges realted to AGGRAVATED identity theft and crimes related to false documentation. Eighteen were juveniles. That makes 324 out of 389. What is the remainder? 65.

And, what does "released on humanitarian grounds" mean, anyway?!?!?

This place is going nuts I tell you. If we are now viewing the arrest of people who arrived here illegally and used false documentation to get jobs that would have gone to legitimate workers, as being ant-humanitarian then I want off this planet. I can no longer comprehend how our government, during the fight of our lives in a war against terrorism and evil, willingly lets illegals go that they just arrested.

And how do some people out there handle this story still? Check out this photo!!
Photo Caption: This is the face of what is left behind after the huge ICE raid in Postville, Iowa exactly one week ago today. What will happen to these children? Will they get put into foster care? Many of them are likely U.S. Citizens and pledge to the U.S. every morning in school. Oh the irony.

OH BARF!!! HEY MEDIA!! HOW ABOUT THE PEOPLE LEFT HOMELESS OR WERE KILLED BY THE TORNADOS RECENTLY?? Was the tornado that destroyed their town the people's fault? The government's fault? You MSM people make me sick with your platitudes and sucking up to non-Americans in order to show how evil America is.

And, guess what folks. This will only get worse over the next few presidential terms. It would seem that no matter who we elect into office, our country will continue to conduct self-defeatist actions like the above. No, I take that back. They really won't. If either of the three candidates are elected, there will no longer be an immigration and naturalization service to arrest illegals or block people from entering this country. Obama himself wants to throw all of our money (via tax increases) towards poor nations ruled by slimy dictators.

HE WANTS TO TURN US INTO THIRD WORLD. But then, that has always been the plan for socialists. Instead of propping up people on their own feet and resources, they want to bring us down to that level so that the festering remnants of the world don't feel bad.


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