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The State of Our Nation

When people take the time to worry about these little things and fail to worry about the big things, then you know our country is not destined for greatness.

From Alabama comes this little item about a principal being pro-education...

A six-year-old Alabama student is facing suspension over his haircut. But the boy's mom says the haircut is a flattop and son's hair has been styled like that for a long time.

"The haircut that my little boy's got is like a flat top," she told Hunstville station WAFF. "It's high and tight, it's like a military haircut."

Fyffe School principal Ricky Bryant says the boy's haircut is considered a mohawk and is distracting to other students. Bryant said it's a dress code violation and the boy will be suspended if he shows up to school with the haircut Monday.

"If it's anything that is distracting to the educational environment, we can deem that unacceptable," Bryant told WAFF.

Now, tell me that is a mohawk type haircut. I dare you.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....
State Schools Superintendent Kathy Cox put out a news release Monday on some sobering news for Georgia students.

...according to a news release 40 percent of eighth-grade students in Georgia did not pass the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) in math.

The numbers are even worse when it comes to sixth and seventh-grade social studies. Preliminary reports put the pass rate on those two exams at 20-30 percent.

A principal of a FIRST GRADER is bent all over out of shape over a simple haircut that will probably be gone next year and meanwhile the whole school system of the state is failing miserably.

Hey, Mr. Bryant!! Here is a crazy idea. How about worrying about your school's grades instead of the military styled hair cuts for a change. DO YOUR JOB YOU LOUSY MORON!!

Meanwhile, the school will lose some money because that mom will more than likely move her kid to another school.



#1 Cletus 20-May-2008
Anyone in Alabama, do me a favor: Shoot ricky bryant in the back of the head... Make sure the contents of his skull are completely evacuated.
#2 Anonymous 22-May-2008
ricky bryant is a good good man im a number 1 favorite.keep up the good work.ricky bryant rock u got that.
#3 Anonymous 22-May-2008
just too tell u ricky bryant is not going to get shot.that red head sexy ricky bryant is doing his job.he's the best principal in the state of ALABAMA. U ROCK MR. BRYANT
#4 captainfish 22-May-2008
And you know this, being from S. Carolina, how?

That is the problem today, too many people worried about the surface things and not about what matters. Education and security.

Principal quit his job because the school board pushed a new club on him. He quit over the principle of the thing. He felt that there should not be a club dedicated to sexuality and being sexual in a public school that teaches abstinence. And why should public school's support clubs that deal with sex and sexuality. So he resigned. But, the papers had a field day with it. They made it appear through their manipulation of words and bylines, that he quit because he did not want to have a gay club in his school.

I agreed with the author of the article I read, that if this kind of club is ok, then what is stopping the formation of porn clubs, or polygamy clubs, or free sex clubs, or beastiality clubs.
#5 a person 17-Aug-2010
that is the truest of true. Ricky Bryant isn't very smart for making the kid cut his hair. it wasn't even close to being a mohawk. he's obviously blind.
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