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The Religion of Peace (and assaulting reporters)

I agree with 186kps' take on this:—If this were a Christian school, journalists throughout the nation would be calling for blood. There would be outcries from every corner, politicians would be giving speeches on the need to "crack down" on "intolerance" and "bigotry," and the school would've been shuttered within a matter of days.

Considering that this is a "culturally-correct" Islamic school, you can probably guess what the nationwide reaction has been so far:

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#1 Cletus 20-May-2008
the funny part is those kids all look very excited to see a camera. those guys had to ruin it for them

but I digress...

#2 DMartyr 20-May-2008
Such a nice example the school officials set for those children...
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 20-May-2008

And why not? We're all just a bunch of useless [i]kuf'r[/i] to them, anyway.

Celebrate diversity. ;)

#4 captainfish 21-May-2008
I remember hearing about this school a while back. They are basically a muslim school that wants educational dollars. So they pretend to be a charter school and pretend to abide by educational guidelines. Except they got found out when they hired a white female teacher.

What she reported was astounding. And what is further astounding is that it now seems that Michigan and Minnesota are both going Islam. Guess we know which states are going to go for Obama and his Marxist ideologies. Fascists love Marxists.

And.. what is even worse about this. Is that the school board claims to not know what is going on behind the school doors. There were several inspections and nothing at all odd was found then. ONly when this teacher complained was a "formal" investigation launched.

I'm freakin sorry. But if my kid can't say a prayer in school, can't carry a bible in school, can't wear a shirt with a religious message in school..... then no friffin way can this school operate with even a hint of muslim teachings. In this I will protest and be irate.

But, like you said.. (cheep, cheep, cheep)
#5 Steve (Brussels) 21-May-2008
The sooner people will realize that islam is not a "religion" like another religion but a "dictatorship" like another dictatorship, the better it will be for all of us. Islam is a supremacist conquest ideology just like nazism or communism.
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