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Love Letter from Mexico

In response to the Absolut ad controversy:

There's no f**kin' way you can come and tell anybody what to say or what not to! even if it's an international vodka brand. that's is one of the most popular enmends on your own political constitution , or what? have you forgotten that? Who the hell told you to be the f**kin world's judge? I don't certainly think somebody else but you all-mighty-americans may care about it anyway!!! so stop beein such a**holes and tell your minds to care 'bout what really matters to the whole f**king world, like hungry childhood in those countries you've invaded for petrol, or the earth's overwarming caused by people like you that goes frome home to the nearest 7 eleven by car, that causes every day more natural disasters and will cost millions of innocent lifes! care abot the things that matter, not about non-sense publicity posters!!!

I'd reply to this work of genius, but I have to hop in the car and run down to the nearest 7 eleven by car now. It may not cost millions of innocent lifes, but hopefully it'll cost the life of my little Mexican friend. ;)



#1 Donkeyrock 21-May-2008
#2 Kevin 21-May-2008
I too think it was wrong that you went to mexico and told that guy what to say or what not to. Further, I hope you didn't take a plane to get to his town. Those things cause more global warming earthquakes than driving to the 7-11!
#3 Cletus 21-May-2008
Someone tell this guy that china and india are polluting the world much worse than america.

Also, stop calling it petrol. What are you, a European?
#4 captainfish 22-May-2008

Cheers to DonkeyRock. Man, you rock!!

Oh that is rich. Hey doofus, learn grammar and punctuation. Hello? The reason we "all-mighty-americans" care is because the ad was insulting, catering to a certain population that we are currently battling against, and completely misstates the history of America and Mexico. It was wrong and it catered to the lefty-loony believes of organizations like La-Raza who want nothing more than to split America in two and give the southwestern portion back to..., well, themselves basically. And what really hacks us all-mighty-americans off, is that our governmetn is helping La-Raza out financially.

Also may I point out to you whiny little retard, that it is not our duty and responsibility to help all other country's hungry children, unspayed dogs, growing trash problem, lack of toilet paper, or.. whatever other shtick you can dream of. Our responsibility is to our own families and country. It is our GIFTS, our GENEROSITY that compels some in this nation to give away nearly a third of our budget to other nations. (yeah, I am guessing, but sounds right. Put Obama in charge and that really does go up to a third, 1 Trillion out of a 3 Trillion budget?).

And, please, please do not leave us in suspense. What countries have we invaded for petrol? I would really like to know. I know illiterate people like yourself say we invaded Iraq for oil, but I have yet to hear the wacko tree-huggers say that we have invaded and conquered a country for its petrol(gasoline). If you would, please provide the country and the time and date of the invasion. I would love to WIKI it.

Oh, and by the way, I told Brian that he could be the world's judge. Just so you know. I hope that settles that argument. Did you see him dispense judgment and sentencing to his last victim? Well, I had to say he had it coming. That dude was a real snake.

Oh, and by the way. If you are going to try and make intelligent conversations, please do not use the words "earth's overwarming". That will even get the greenies laughing at you. I'm just saying. By the way, what is overwarming? Is that like over-buttering my bread? Can't we just scrape a bit of the warming off the top and call it good?

Oh, by the way, my nearest 7-11 is about 60 miles away. So, unlike you in your pitiful existence, we have things like cars that we can buy that actually allows us the freedom to choose where and when to go. I understand that freedom is foreign to you, but you have to get over it. It is ours. We like it. It has served us well these last few centuries. Though, it does seem to be waning and dying of late. But then I guess that makes you happy doesn't it.

Oh, and could you care to explain please, as a trained scientist that I am, how does driving a car to 7-11 cause natural disasters!?!? hmmm? Or, are you trying to infer something about the size of Brian's ego causing changes in ecosystems whenever he walks on the street due to the loss of regional solar warming?? I'm just asking here.

Oh, and may I say one last thing. The reason why "natural" disasters "cost" millions of lifes is because of the lack of technology and its disparate usage in low-economic areas like Myanmar. See, the only real problems we have in all-mighty-america is that some doofus' in charge fail to alert their people that a hurricane is a coming. In Myanmar, the people in charge did not want to let them know danger was coming. It would not have done any good if they wanted to let those people know. They don't have televisions or cell phones in their straw shacks.

Why not grab a copy of the constitution and read the second AMENDMENT!! Oh, and use spell checker next time. It is a wondrous tool invented by technology and good old all-mighty-america.
#5 desertdweller 22-May-2008
If there were a test for gullibility, this poster ("your dirty father") would rank an A+. To think measly mankind can have such influence over earth's climate is a stroke of massive egotism. The sun has much more influence over Earth than our life form ever will. From University of Wisconsin, Green Bay's description:

[quote="University of Wisconsin, Green Bay"]The Sun's energy output is about equal to 77 billion megatons every second. The entire power-generating capacity of the earth equals about 60,000 megatons per year, so in one second the Sun produces over a million years' worth of energy for the earth. If the Sun derived its energy by burning coal, it would take only 18 hours to burn a mass of coal equal to the earth. And the Sun has been doing this for 4.6 billion years.[/quote]

At least it wasn't offensive enough for you to post (presumably) "his" IP address!
#6 Rooster 22-May-2008
Tell that wetback to calm his ass down.
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