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School Sued For Requiring English

It's a private school, but that doesn't seem to be stopping the radical appeasers from trying to rain on its parade:

Four Wichita families filed a discrimination lawsuit Monday in federal court against St. Anne Catholic School over a policy that requires English to be spoken at all times during the school day.
The lawsuit calls for an end to St. Anne's policy, an order barring English-only or similar policies at other diocese schools and $75,000 for court and other costs.

The families want students to be able to speak other languages if they choose during their free time -- not in the classroom or during instructional times.

A diocese spokesman called the discrimination suit "unfortunate," saying the Catholic church has a history of offering support and services to minorities and of speaking out for immigrant rights.

Why does the school feel that such a "draconian" policy is necessary? From the Realm of the Obvious department:

The diocese has said the school enacted the policy in response to four students who were using Spanish to bully others and to put down teachers and administrators.



#1 MJ 21-May-2008
So, I was pretty much under the impression private schools could just say "Yeah, don't care. Buh-bye now."
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 21-May-2008

In our brave new world [i]of lawyers[/i], such sentiments are no longer valid. ;)

#3 Cletus 21-May-2008
The Spaniards will be laughed out of court.
#4 apotheosis 21-May-2008
When they enacted the policy they probably weren't expecting a Spanish Inquisition.

But then again, nobody ever does.
#5 captainfish 22-May-2008
Didn't i read somewhere that a charter school in oregon defended its use of spanish only because most of its kids were from mexico and illegal? and when the state complained, they decried it as being unfair to speak in english.
#6 clem 22-May-2008
I should be a lawyer.

Also, the school should have a policy that if you sue us your kids don't go here no more.
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