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Rage Boy Sighting!

Forest, who's a regular reader around here, pinged me over the extended weekend to say that he's spotted our old friend Shakeel "Islamic Rage Boy" Bhat in a protest. It stinks that I missed the sighting when it happened, but sure enough, Mr. Bhat has definitely been up to his regular trade, this time protesting the indignity committed by a U.S. sniper against the holy Qur'an.

From our friends over at Agence France-Presse, via ANP-Photo, we see Rage Boy in action: [Shot 1] [Shot 2]

It's interesting to note that the major wire services seem to be avoiding Shakeel now, with AP and Reuters both ignoring him completely. I'm not sure if this is editorial policy (i.e., our vaunted editorial staff are finally blocking his staged outrage from the feed), or if he's just not "in" with their stringers any longer, but it's certainly an interesting question. At least AFP (and, occasionally, EPA) continues to carry his picture.

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#1 captainfish 03-Jun-2008
It is his beard style. It is too long for being black. Now, if he died it white and looked "religious" then they would just love him. Because then the photogs could twist their captions to say that the religious people are upset over the actions against the muslim book.
#2 Steve (Brussels) 05-Jun-2008
This guy belongs to the race of the "beard monkeys". Beard monkeys are a slightly more evolved species than ordinary bonobos. The main activities of beard monkeys are: yelling, sceaming, throwing stones, slaughter keffir men and raping keffir girls. Another characteristic of beard monkeys is that they reproduce faster than rabbits. About 40 million of this species live in Europe.
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